Epigen Epoxy Resins...
Handling today's needs with tomorrows's technology...

The products have provided trusted performance for a variety of applications in the mining, construction water and generally everywhere including commerical and domestic markets.
Incorporating such diverse materials which include:

  • Adhesives
  • Coatings
  • Patching Compounds
  • Maintenance Products

Epigen has remained at the forefront of epoxy technology with focus on quality, development and service to provide you a reliable choice and best practice.

This brochure does not cover the full extent of the products manufactured and available under the Epigen name.

Guide to Products Primary Function

  • designed for, or known to be suitable in bonding metals, plastics, timber, and a variety of other materials.

Abrasion Resistant/Ceramic/Metal Repair

  • suitable for application to metal surfaces to reinstate or provide protection from abrasion and erosion.


  • all products demonstrating suitability for use in coating, lining, or repair of concrete, steel, or timber floors.

Tank Linings/Continuous Immersion Service

  • those products capable of lining equipment used in storage or conveying slurries, liquids and gases.

Grouts/Load Bearing

  • materials designed to support heavy equipment under static or dynamic load, and retain dimensional stability.

Protective Coating/Atmospheric

  • products suitable for coating equipment or structures from vapour and air-bourne degradation.

Acid Protection/Secondary Containment

  • designed for any service that possesses significant potential of degradation from very corrosive chemicals.

High Temperature Service

  • suitable for continuous service at temperatures beyond 800 Celsius.


  • miscellaneous products for general service including joint sealant, flexible primers, and reinforced repair paste.

Typical specialist applications include:

  • acid (aggressive chemical) bund linings
  • pump repair and rebuilding materials
  • waste water treatment facility coatings
  • process tank linings
  • emergency repair
  • crusher backing compounds
  • potable water tank coatings
  • non skid flooring
  • turbine and motor chocking grouts
  • joint sealants

Clients come from the Mining, Water & Power, Oil & Gas, Mineral Processing, Refining, Pipeline, Material Handling & storage industries.

Peerless Industrial Systems staff are dedicated professionals having technical expertise in Materials, Corrosion, Civil & Mechanical Engineering together with specialist Chemistry qualifications.

Commitment to research & development ensures a continuation to improve both products and support services.

Having earned the confidence from the industries it has been servicing for nearly 50 years, Peerless Industrial Systems is proud to be a leader in the development & provision of resin based technology.